LLU - 🌈 Light Lemon Unicorn 🦄

The place where magic happens
Token only goes up

The Light Lemon Unicorn project is full of magic. We found a way to mystically make sure the price go up in the long run. The state-of-the-art Bsc (Binance Smart Chain) smart contract has never been seen before! With this contract you will experience sorcery as never seen in your life. Sit tight and hodl your Light Lemon Unicorn tokens to faraway paradises, where you normally only experience in your dreams.

Read below the key aspects of this magical creation.

Unique Market Sentiment Tax

Is the market bullish? Sell tax goes down and buy tax goes up. Is the market bearish? Sell tax goes up and buy tax goes down. This all happens within the contract, which will read the chart and determine what tax will be used.

Chart dumping, dumps and big red candles will be heavily taxed. With this concept when people are mass dumping, the tax will prevent price to collapse and become even higher in the near future.

Light Lemons Unicorns Rainbow Recoloring Ritual (LLURRR)

With the accumulated tax, we will perform our Light Lemons Unicorns Rainbow Recoloring Ritual (LLURRR) every week: We buy all the tokens back and we send it to the afterlife.

We buy the tokens back in 1 big transaction, which will cause a huge spike. Because of this the Market Sentiment Tax will shift the other way and holders have a short opportunity to sell with low taxes.

This will cause the price floor to rise, but also give everybody a fair chance to sell their tokens with low/no taxes.

Whale & Dump Protection

Whale protection: nobody could buy more than 4M of the whole supply.

Dump protection: Sell per transaction is limited to 200K per transaction. Off course you could sell in more transactions, but be aware of the changing Market Sentiment Tax.

Love = Live

We care for our hodlers. Small amount of tokens will be kept aside; where we redistribute frequently. The longer you hold, the more tokens you get!
Guaranteed chance selling low tax

After the "Lemon Sorcery of Light" event, the price spike will be so high that this will cause low taxes. The one with the quickest fingers are able to sell for low/none tax fees.

Mystical Creatures

Who doesn't want to be part of a project with Light Lemon Unicorn and his friends?


Name: Light Lemon Unicorn
Max Supply: 387.131.517

Max wallet size (to buy in): 4M
Max sell amount per transaction: 200K

The buying Tax will be variable between 0% to 15%
The selling tax will be variable between 0% to 90% (90% when dump fest)

The tax we will use for:

  • 4% Redistribution
  • 3% marketing wallet
  • 93% In Lemons Unicorns Rainbow Recoloring Ritual (Buyback and burn)

Nice to know:
After each buyback burn the floor price rises

After each buyback and burn holders have the chance to sell for very little tax.
Redistribution will take place after the buyback and burn. Sellers won't get tokens redistributed.

With higher taxes holders are less likely to sell; which is good in bear markets.

LLU is paired with BUSD; meaning project is resistant to bearish markets.


What are the plans:
Q4 develop, test and presale.
Launch the magical token

Watch it grow

A lot of marketing
A lot of partnerships

Listing on Binance whehehe
NFT development
Be wholesome
And more....